Woman mortified after mum accidentally books them into hotel ‘for swingers’

A woman was left mortified after her mum accidentally booked them into a ‘sex hotel’ for their holiday

The duo was thrust into a scene right out of Fifty Shades of Grey when they discovered their room included free sex toys and had mirrors on the ceilings above the beds.

On TikTok, Chaney Belle, of Orlando, United States went viral after sharing a video explaining the hilarious situation.

The video has been viewed more than 1.3 million times since it was uploaded yesterday.

In it, she explained; “My mom booked us a hotel in Miami and didn’t know it was a KINKY one….”

She shared a video featuring the mirrors above the beds and the complimentary packs which include condoms, lube and a mini vibrator.

She also showed the “Naughty Lovers” kit and the bar packed full with bottles of vodka and champagne.

The hilarious video has racked up more than 200,000 likes and thousands of comments.

One viewer warned: “Don’t touch the bed.”

Another tried to look on the brighter side of the mortifying situation.

They joked: “Well hopefully that means the beds are comfy and the walls are soundproof so you don’t have to listen to other guests.”

And one lucky daughter shared how her mum almost made the same mistake but decided against visiting the hotel.

She commented: “My mom almost booked it and then read an article that it was for swingers.”

Another commented: “I was like psssh the mirror isn’t that bad and then I saw the rest and it got a lot worse.”

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The clip has gained thousands of comments since it was shared on TikTok and racked up more than 160,000 likes.

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